Winning eBay Auctions: Save Time, Save Money

Winning eBay Auctions

GoAway Bidding Helps You Win Consistently on eBay

GoAway Bidding helps you win consistently on eBay
Buy Now: Easy Bidding Method, Instant Download GoAway Bidding is a strategic approach to bidding on eBay auctions that saves time, money, and effort, while increasing your odds of winning. It is a simple strategy and a method all in one.

Successful Strategy Uses Successful Bidding Method to Win eBay Auctions

Simply put: GoAway Bidding is a better way to win auctions. Imagine you attended a live auction and saw an item you wanted sold for a low price. What if you could then turn back the clock and bid yourself — would you? Most people would say Yes, because knowing the outcome is a powerful advantage.

GoAway Bidding helps you win consistently on eBay But what does that knowledge really give you? The answer is: You would know exactly how much to bid, and when. So — what if you could achieve the same advantage on eBay by applying a special bidding technique, and you could buy the item for that amount OR LESS? Would you? Again, most people would say Yes.

In a real auction, GoAway Bidding wouldn't work, because the auctioneer controls the bidding. But in the eBay world, GoAway Bidding gives YOU control and produces impressive results nearly every time. In fact, Go-Away Bidding is one of the simplest, most cost-effective and time-saving approaches to eBay bidding you'll find anywhere. Depending on what you buy, the savings from applying it to your next auction purchase will likely more than pay for the cost of the guide, but even if you buy inexpensive items and it takes several auctions, it won't be long.

The Most Successful Bidding Secret is only a Secret Until you Learn it

Some of the best things in life are simple ideas that make things better. Once we learn them and apply them, we enjoy the results and even take them for granted. But despite improvements in technology, everyone is still looking for more, better "instant" solutions — and once in a while, one comes along that actually works as advertised. Here's a reprint of the introduction to the GoAway Bidding Guide:

A Guide to Saving Time and Money on eBay

Go-Away bidding is a strategic approach to successfully purchasing goods through eBay auctions. It always saves you time and almost always saves you money — often a LOT of money.

Most eBay bidding strategies fall into either of two categories:
  • Competitive bidding, in which you do it yourself and, using intuition, luck, and good timing, try to out-guess and out-maneuver other bidders while keeping your bids as low as possible. This is how eBay wants you to do it.

  • Automated bidding, handled by a program running on your computer, which monitors the auction and bids on your behalf, sometimes bidding at the last moment (sniping).
There are good and bad points about both approaches. Go-Away Bidding combines the best features of the two, with a couple of important twists.

Developed through trial and error, Go-Away Bidding is successful a surprising amount of the time, even when bidding against experts. Of course, no strategy is foolproof, but Go-Away Bidding usually produces good results. Its main benefits are:
  • It requires a minimum of your time
  • It typically has a high success rate, and
  • It frequently results in lower closing bid prices.
Sound good? It is! Read on...

Bidding Myths and Auction Strategies

No one likes to lose an auction and you'll find no shortage of experts who'll tell you how to win consistently on eBay. It seems everyone has a "system" and it all seems fine — until you start looking more closely.

We're going to punch a few holes in some long-held assumptions and show you a better way to win eBay auctions consistently, at low prices, with a bare minimum investment of your time.

No one likes to lose an auction There are "Sniping" programs designed to bid automatically on your behalf (Downsides: They don't always work, they cost money, and they require your time to learn, program, and operate).

There are professional "proxy bidders" who will bid on your behalf using their own bidding strategy (Downsides: They charge a fee and/or take a percentage of your winning bid, they require interaction time, and they often don't get the results you wanted).

Even eBay has a bidding system supposedly to make things easier — but in fact it works better for eBay than for you (see below).

A Word About eBay

Being an eBay auction participant is not always a pleasant experience. Being an eBay auction "participant" is not always a pleasant experience. There's no question eBay performs a valuable service. However, like most large companies, eBay's prime directive is to "Make Money For eBay."

eBay has set down a set of rules for buyers and sellers, partly to establish order out of chaos. However, these rules also serve to influence your thinking. If you bid the way eBay wants, you'll bid as much as you can right at the start. eBay wants you to pick a random, high number and "hope" it will be enough (although they don't say it that way). This philosophy earns astronomical revenues for eBay.

To help you bid faster, eBay now offers "One-Click Bidding." However, by itself this does nothing to improve your odds of winning an auction, but it does make it easier to place higher bids more quickly.

So, let's just tip our hats to eBay and acknowledge their successful web site — but let's also acknowledge that we're not only interested in saving time and money. We're also interested in winning, not "participating." We can do better than bid as eBay would have us bid.

Bidding Tools, Sniping and Auction Management

Let's face it, everyone loves to win auctions, especially if it involves saving a lot of money. There are many auction tools available and GoAway Bidding works with all of them. For example, eBay recently added a Countdown feature intended to give you instantaneous information without having to refresh your browser. You can make use of this feature when using GoAway Bidding.

GoAway Bidding improves your odds and enhances your strategy. It can be used in conjunction with Auction Management and Sniping software. You don't need to change anything about the way you currently do things if you don't want to.

The Bottom Line: GoAway Bidding WORKS

Everyone loves to win auctions Bidding tools, auction management software and sniping programs are partial solutions at best. There IS a better approach to winning. GoAway Bidding is a REAL AND SINCERE methodology that can save you a great deal of time and money — one that may pay for itself almost immediately.

Call it whatever you like: a bidding system, an auction methodology, a bidding technique — whatever you call it, GoAway Bidding WORKS.

What Do I Get?

GoAway Bidding Guide in Adobe Acrobat Reader You get "Go-Away Bidding: A Guide to Saving Time and Money on eBay." That's it. We're not offering anything else. We're not going to "Double Your Order in the Next 15 Minutes." We're not going to tell you that the "Special Price" is only good for the next hour. We're not going to scream loudly that our product is "As Seen On TV." In short, we're not going to use ANY of the sleazy tricks contemporary pitch artists use to entice you to buy.

What we ARE going to do is offer a valuable, well-written guide to saving time and money, at a very reasonable price. If you buy the guide, and then choose not to use it, well — that's your decision. But if you apply the EASY STEPS in the Guide to your own auction activities, you may well discover what others have: That GoAway bidding more than pays for itself quickly.

The guide is easy to read, published in PDF format in large print, it contains everything you need to know. It includes step-by-step instructions, auction examples (from real-life, not made up), even a comprehensive bidding table you can use for easy reference.

What Does it Cost?

We want everyone to easily afford GoAway Bidding We want everyone to easily afford GoAway Bidding, but putting an attractive price on the Guide was challenging. We saw the ridiculous prices some sellers were demanding for various "systems" including gambling, cooking, marketing, investing, etc. and these immediately turned us off.

On the other hand, we'd done a huge amount of work and wanted to make a little money, but we weren't looking to get rich either. So we asked for opinions, mostly from people who had already used it. Their suggestions showed the real value they placed on GoAway Bidding.

We ignored the $199.99 suggestion, we declined the $99.95 price, we considered $59.95 but even though this was the lowest price suggested, we felt it was still too high — we wanted as many people as possible to get their money back on their very first auction.

So, we settled on A TINY FRACTION of that amount and arrived at $7. We think you'll agree it's money well spent. It produces immediate results and (depending on what you bid on) will likely pay for itself on your first auction. You might save hundreds — even thousands.

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I Want It, What Do I Do Now?

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